Hi! Welcome!

So, this one day during graduate school, I wandered into a small yoga studio for the very first time. In that moment a new door opened in my life. The path behind that door has since offered balance to the rest of my life, which mainly means it balances my intense full-throttle career with my need to run barefoot through the forest, wild and free! Don’t get me wrong, I have deep appreciation and passion for my job, but my soul also craves nature, healing, and stillness.

One step at a time, I follow the path unraveling before me, allowing experience and intuition to guide my next step. I explore, study  and love many things…plants, tarot, energy work…ultimately knowing that every piece fits into the place it is meant to fill. Each exploration adds a few more stones to the path, more clearly illuminating my direction. I believe that we are each responsible for making the journey to our own inner truth and from that place of truth, our light can shine. That journey isn’t always easy but if you have the courage, I offer my support and a strong grounding energy to help you navigate your way.

Here’s to finding a new stone on the path!

Code of Ethics
I will treat all clients with respect and always conduct myself in a professional manner.
I will not provide services for anyone under 18 years old unless a parent provides written consent prior to the service. 
I am not a medical, financial, psychological or legal practitioner/advisor nor qualified to serve as one in any circumstance. I recommend you receive qualified       professional support prior to taking any actions as a result of your service. 
Out of respect and confidentiality, I will not provide services, offer advice, or make recommendations for any non-present third party. 
I will provide truthful and honest information and services at all times, prioritizing integrity of above all else.  
I will not offer recommendations, take action, or make decisions on your behalf. You affect the outcomes of any service you accept and your free will and personal   responsibility are fully your own. 
Regarding Tarot readings, I am not a fortune-teller and will not provide readings under this context. I do not believe that Tarot readings reflect any sort inevitable   future, rather they can provide insight which you may choose to apply in anyway you feel empowered. 
All information you provide will be confidential to the extent I am aware and capable. Electronic communication is not always secure so please provide all   information at  your own discretion. 
I reserve the right to refuse or terminate a service at any time, as do you. 
I reserve the right to update my Code of Ethics without prior notice, although the most current one will always be available prior to your service.