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Navigate This Energy

There are so many energies swirling right now. Many of us feel the push and the pull, the tug of required growth and transformation. Others of us already had our turn or have yet to take our turn and so we stand firm, sending support to all those who are tumbling in the waves. It […]


Getting to Know Calendula

About two years ago we moved into a new home. One upside was that it had a very large yard which is near impossible to find where we live. One downside was that large yard was a dirt pit. The soil was so compacted and dry, depleted of everything. I spent a few months trying […]


What is a Flower Essence?

A flower essence is a capture of a flower’s energetic vibration in water. They can help us see, integrate and heal deep energetic patterns so we can be the truest expression of our Self. In the early 1900s, flower essences were promoted by Dr. Edward Bach who first realized their ability by collecting dew off […]


Summer Dances with Lightening Bugs

The summer nights were always hot and sticky, but also filled with one of my most magical memories. I remember quietly sitting in the yard with my family, peering out into the last moments of daylight, waiting. The show started just as the sun slipped below the horizon. “There was one!” my sister squeaked. “No way. Where?” I’d reply. […]


Sending Love

This month began on a yoga retreat in Canada, specifically, in Banff National Park. The group that went is inspiring and the retreat leaders are goddesses. The adventures were endless and the scenery was breathtaking. The mountains and the trees rose into the sky for miles. The water was aquamarine and the air was the […]


Patiently, Not So Patiently, Waiting for the Answer

Right now, there is just one thing I really want to know. Night after night, I’ve asked the answer to reveal itself in my dreams. Through each day I wait patiently (or not so patiently) for the answer to drift in on the next breeze or cross my path in the form of a complete […]


Yes, I did get up from this

The labels of TEACHER and STUDENT are interesting. I recently assumed the label of TEACHER for a new outdoor yoga class I started offering. However, after the very first class, someone labeled STUDENT solidified my belief that those roles are often exchanged in any given moment. In the first class I taught in Sea Canyon […]


Take a Breath and Connect

Growing up, the outdoors was my playground. Fortunately I had a mother who didn’t overreact if I was covered in mud, ran off to scamper up a tree, jumped into a stream after a crayfish, got stung by a bee, or walked through poison ivy on my way to pick violets and bluebells. She allowed […]


What the Heck is Happening?

Have you ever had moments where you felt like you were sitting still and the world was whizzing by you? It’s like those nighttime city scape pictures where taillights look like long red threads winding through the maze of chaos, and somehow you’re sitting there, dead center of it all. Maybe for you, the feeling […]


The Land of Energy and Transformation

Sedona, Arizona It was happening! I was going to the enchanted land of energy! The swirl of magic started the moment I signed up for the Sedona Wellness Retreat offered by Yoga Trippin’. Yes, lightning bolts cracked through the sky on the otherwise perfectly clear, beautiful, blue-sky day the moment I submitted my payment! Ok, […]