Navigate This Energy

There are so many energies swirling right now. Many of us feel the push and the pull, the tug of required growth and transformation. Others of us already had our turn or have yet to take our turn and so we stand firm, sending support to all those who are tumbling in the waves. It seems likely that we have created an idea in our mind of what we consider drastic reorganization, major clearing, and extreme intensity in our life. Unless we are going through something like a job change, relationship modification, or a move across the country we don’t tag that as drastic, major or extreme. Keep in mind, that isn’t always the case and although we may appear to be holding our ground, our experience may be equally as deep and intense. The point isn’t so much where you are but that you’re breathing in each moment with awareness and trust.

It’s important that no matter what our personal experience looks or feels like, we respect that it is our own. We don’t need to compare it to anyone else’s experience. It may not be a relationship reorganization but it may feel intensely painful. Conversely, one may be experiencing loss of a job yet riding on top of the wave feeling liberated instead of being tossed around under it. Whatever you experience or do not experience, it is exactly perfect and is exactly what you are meant to move through right now.

With that said, I wish to offer two seeds you can put into your navigation kit as you move through the energy of lunar and solar eclipses, full and new moon, planetary and cosmic arrangement as well as the energy of summer season or whatever other source is offering you an opportunity to heal and grow. The first seed is to establish a regular self-care practice which helps tend the second seed, ground yourself.

Seed 1: Self-care

This isn’t just about going away for a weekend to reset only in the time of need (although that is wonderful if it is possible). Instead, it’s about a consistent practice or ritual where you honor yourself and love on yourself.

Let me reiterate and expand on CONSISTENT. Although it could, consistent doesn’t necessarily mean that you take a bath every evening with a softly flickering candle. For our purpose, consistent means something occurring on a regular basis, at a time you’ve designated as “Me Time.” This designated time doesn’t have to be elaborate or extensive every day and it doesn’t have to always occur at the same time. Can you offer five minutes of your day to yourself? Perhaps a more elaborate “Me Time” occurs weekly or monthly but on a daily basis can you honor yourself with just a few breaths? Maybe it’s 5 minutes looking in the mirror each morning and telling yourself something you love about yourself. Maybe it’s a switch in intention when you get in the shower and instead of simply taking a shower, spend a minute blessing the water and acknowledging that as it runs over your lovely skin, it cloaks you in a new perspective to experience the day. Of course the Epsom salt baths with candles and essential oils are amazing but we don’t all make that much time for ourselves each day. Instead of jumping right into that, start with a few breaths, a simple gesture, a kind word. Over time, you may find it easier to include more minutes into “Me Time.”

While the daily self-care rituals may be shorter, once a week they may be much longer and detailed. Maybe each weekend, you spend a few hours expressing in your own creative way drawing, dancing, signing, or painting. This time must be separate from work. If you paint for a living, perhaps your self-love time experiments with a new style or technique or doesn’t involve painting at all. Either way, make it relaxing and joyful and make it all about you. Keep in mind, this time is special and sacred and may even be the most important moments you offer in the day.

Seed 2: Ground

When we feel that we are being blown around in endless hurricane speed wind, it may seem impossible to find footing. While some may argue that it’s best to go with the flow and experience the moment and all the sensations, perhaps we redefine what could be meant by that. I agree that it’s necessary to be fully present and feel the intense difficult things in order to heal them, but are you actually fully present by allowing yourself to be swirling in the energetic tornado?

Grounded for the sake of experiencing the energetic windstorm simply means present. It means connecting to the wild frazzled energy you might feel bursting from your core, and pulling it back in. To help ground, you may enjoy making a delicious meal that is more filling and heavier than the light summer salads you might be eating. With each ingredient you hold, offer thanks to the earth or animal that offered it. Another option is walking barefoot in the grass or sand allowing your electrified energy to pour down into the earth while the earth sends up her steady stable energy. Spend time in nature in anyway and it’s almost a sure remedy to feel more inner peace and recalibration.

You could also stand or sit with legs outstretched, and fold in half to offer a gesture of moving inward. With each breath explore the physical and emotional sensations that arise. Holding a grounding crystal, a stone or piece of wood from the earth can settle energy. There are many options and you may have discovered your own amazing grounding practices. What activities help you feel calm and settled?

As we offer consistent time to take care of ourselves, we may find we operate from a steadier place. As the waves of life crash into us, maybe it’s easier to stay present as we move through situations that surface deep emotions and fears. If you haven’t already planted the seeds I offer above, perhaps you will. With a little self-care and from place of inner stillness, we can navigate transformation and release patterns that aren’t serving our highest growth.