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Homemade Products

If you’re looking for homemade products, contact me with your requests or inquires. Cost varies based on desired product, material, and quantity.


Other Group Events

Planning a baby shower, bridal shower, or just want to have fun with friends? Consider our Homemade Aromatic Body Care offering. Choose items from the list below to create your customized package. The event can be held in the comfort of your own home and lasts a minimum of 3 hours, including set up and clean up. All supplies and instruction included. The cost depends on the products you choose so contact Amanda to get all the details!

Aromatic Mist                                      Body Scrub                                   Salve
Headache Gel or Salve                        Roll-on Oil                                    Body Cream
Bug Spray                                            Foot Scrub                                    Clay Mask
Inhaler Blends                                     Household Cleaning Products