Tarot, my short version:
Tarot is a deck of cards containing symbols and imagery.  It can be used subjectively as a tool to help us connect to and align with our true Self. It offers perspective and insight into things we may not currently be aware of, our emotions, past and considered actions, our thoughts, things we might feel but can’t quite understand, and so much more. It often triggers the hidden, cast away, buried, unnoticed, unacknowledged aspects of ourselves, and helps heal and reintegrate them into our current life. Through setting intentions and asking specific questions, Tarot helps guide us along our path and illuminate the answers we already know.

How does Tarot work?
Tarot works through empowerment and is not absolute, but rather speaks to the most likely circumstances and outcomes if we continue on our current path. The information from the cards can help you initiate change and take charge to create the life you want.

What can you expect?
Sorry, I most certainly will not tell your fortune or predict your future. It’s up to you to take the information from your Tarot reading and decide how you are going to move forward. My goal is to make tarot readings accessible, interactive, and helpful. When you request a reading, regardless of the format, you can be sure our first step will be a conversation in order to create the right reading for you. I offer three options for your tarot reading which are listed below. While I don’t see a downside to electronic versus in person tarot readings, there are certainly differences. If you don’t know which to choose, I am more than happy to help you decide based on what you need.

Your Reading Options…

All exchange will be electronic. I take time to set up space and do the reading as I would for any other situation and will offer you the information by email. Although it’s not necessary or always possible, we can coordinate a time so you are able to sit with your intention while your reading occurs.

In Person
In-person readings can have a more fluid structure dictated by the cards. These readings can evolve and be condensed or expanded depending on what you need. Although most of the information will come verbally, you have the option to receive an electronic summary of the reading within three days.

Virtual Sessions
Virtual sessions may occur by video or phone and offer the convenience of an email reading but the more interactive feel of the in-person reading. While the reading will relayed verbally, you have the option to receive an electronic summary of the reading within three days.

Estimated exchange: $40 for 3 cards ~ $75 for 5 cards
Prices and are estimates and will be determined during our initial conversation. Larger readings are also available.