What is a Flower Essence?

A flower essence is a capture of a flower’s energetic vibration in water. They can help us see, integrate and heal deep energetic patterns so we can be the truest expression of our Self.

In the early 1900s, flower essences were promoted by Dr. Edward Bach who first realized their ability by collecting dew off flowers in the early morning. There is something magical about dewdrops, isn’t there? They collect on plants in the early morning, a most enchanting time of day. As those tiny droplets sit there, it only seems reasonable that they are exchanging energy with the flowers, learning all the secrets they have to share. After initially working with dew drops, Dr. Bach created 38 flower essence remedies before he passed away. Today, many people make flower essences using both traditional techniques as well as creative intuition. There are some lovely essences out there so be sure to explore and try those that call to you, or, go for it and make your own.

Flower essences work on energetic imprints in our being. Energetic imprints are learned patterns of behavior that we programmed into ourselves at some point. At one time the behavior may have served a purpose but we continue to repeat it at a time it no longer serves us. Many of these imprints keep us from connecting to our truth and having a current relationship with ourselves. Flower essences tend to be used most often for these imprints related to our emotions or the energetic body. A flower’s energetic imprint offers a subtle remedy which we can use to not only reprogram our own imprints but also equalize them. By equalize, I mean that we might have a flower essence used for connecting one to one’s heart space. It would not only be helpful for a person who has lost touch with a heart-centered connection but equally as helpful for a person who is only plugged into their heart-space and disconnected from logic and reasoning. As we know, there is certainly a place and purpose for logic and reasoning in this human life.

There are traditional 3 components to making a flower essence and each are equally as important, although there is room for creative and intuitive freedom. The three traditional components are flowers, water, and light. I am going to add a fourth component to this as well, intention.

Flowers          We use flowers because they capture a peak moment in a plant’s cycle, and are said to be the highest energetic expression of a plant. Flowers are not only beautiful but a pure expression of fertility, creation, and destiny. There’s an entire process taking place, all leading up to the moment where a flower bursts open in offering. Flowers also open, a sign of receptivity. One thing they receive is cosmic and earth energy, endless wisdom from the environment around them. This information is what is captured in the flower essence.

Water            This magical element is a liquid of life. It has the ability to capture physical and vibrational elements of that which touches it. In this case, as we float flowers into the water, it holds their vibration and wisdom.

Light               Traditionally flower essences were made in sunlight. The power and energy of the sun infuses the water with earthly and cosmic wisdom held in that flower. While light is an important aspect, intuition or messages from the plants lead many of us to make some of our flower essences in the moon and starlight or during intensely foggy or stormy days.

Intention       When I make a flower essence, I sit with the bowl of water and flowers and place my own intention into it. It might be related to what the flower essence is being created for or something entirely different. I wouldn’t make an essence without it and therefore, consider it to be the fourth main component of a flower essence.

Flower essences can be taken internally via a few drops in the mouth or externally applied to energy points on the body. They are a safe, vibrational medicine and tasteless other than the alcohol used to preserve them. While some people experience flower essence healing subtly, there may also be a much more intense emotional release. The experience you have depends on you, the issue you’re healing and how the flower essence wants to work. You can add flower essences to teas, drinking water, bath water, body care products, and anything else that feels intuitively necessary. They are also a great addition to other healing modalities to include massage, acupressure, or energy work.

When I make a flower essence, I can feel my body buzz with excitement. Although it’s a simple process, there is a beauty and magic to it. Ever since I was little, I’ve loved flowers. I still love picking them, smelling them, and dancing through gardens. They make me smile and every time I see them, I can feel a softening through my body. For so long, I was afraid to make flower essences. Not because they were difficult but because I was afraid of their power and wasn’t sure I would offer enough honor to the process. Finally, one day seemingly out of nowhere, that mindset changed and I was ready. Now, I tingle as I move through the garden, connecting to the flower I’d like to use, listening for it to say, “I’m ready, choose me!”

If you have been working though emotional or energetic healing and haven’t given flower essences a try, consider doing so. They are safe yet powerful and may offer an added element of healing you’ve been searching for.

One final note…If you have heard of gem essences, they are essentially the same as flower essences but the vibration of a crystal is captured instead of a flower.