The Land of Energy and Transformation

Sedona, Arizona


It was happening! I was going to the enchanted land of energy! The swirl of magic started the moment I signed up for the Sedona Wellness Retreat offered by Yoga Trippin’. Yes, lightning bolts cracked through the sky on the otherwise perfectly clear, beautiful, blue-sky day the moment I submitted my payment! Ok, THAT didn’t actually happen, but it could have. So there I was staring at my computer screen, “CONFIRMED. Thank you for your purchase!” How exciting! I was going to the place I have wanted to go for so long.

Admittedly, I drove through Sedona once when I was thirteen but I don’t count that because we didn’t even stop. However, even in my miserable, angry, bratty thirteen year old form, I thought, “Woah, why can’t we stop HERE?” That was a silent thought of course. There was NO WAY I could let the adults know I was actually interested in something or excited about any part of the dreaded family vacation. That being said, I considered this yoga retreat to be my first time in Sedona and I knew it would be amazing.

That marvel started on the drive there. As I was driving through the peaceful still desert, lost in a daydream, there was a loving shake telling me to wake up and sign up for this one class I had been thinking about taking. I pulled over at the next gas station and signed up for it, no more questions asked because the answer had come! That was the beginning to several more days of dreamlike perfection.

Sedona was surreal. I had heard all about the magic and power there but it is one thing to hear about it and quite another to experience it in my own way. The air was so light and clean compared to the air I breathe each day. Living near a coast, the air is heavy and thick with salt and moisture, but there, I could inhale more deeply and feel my breath expanding throughout my body. In Sedona there was a peace and stillness present but also intense strength. There were no sounds of traffic, no machinery, and no cell phones ringing or beeping. Instead, birds were chirping, wind danced with the leaves on the trees, and coyotes sung at night. In the pure darkness, a thick river of tiny stars wound its way through the indescribable night sky. It was magnificent!

Each day was more transformative. The yoga practices, discussions, and activities woven into the magic of the land, provided an experience for which I’m forever grateful. I felt expanded and clear and ready to transform things in my life. That energy continued to move me even after the retreat ended. It seems that one answer after another has been provided. I’ve pursued new things and opened doors, which revealed exactly what I’ve been searching for. The class that I was compelled to pull over to sign up for has since happened. It ended up illuminating my life, changing my perspective and “reality,” and moved my personal focus in a different direction.

Sedona was without a doubt one of the most incredible places I have ever experienced. You can’t just go to Sedona, you must experience Sedona. The red serene land reveals exactly what we need and offers things we must be ready to accept. If you have even toyed with the idea of taking a trip there, do it. The land reveals invaluable wealth if you are willing to listen.