Welcome to Scattering Seeds!

When I first began practicing yoga, I was interested in stilling mental chatter and finding calm in my life. Over time, my yoga practice moved in a more physical direction. Now, almost ten years later, I recognize there are many different aspects to a yoga practice. What happens on our mat is only a small part of the journey. It tends to be a true reflection of ourselves in that moment and it can reveal a pattern we have been carrying with us in our life. I will continue contemplating the limbs of yoga and weaving my discoveries into what I write.

Scattering Seeds offers a pathway for creativity, an imperative aspect of life that can connect us to true happiness. In fact, I have always loved to write. When I was little, my Great Aunt not only encouraged my writing, but also made a beautiful notebook for the poems I wrote. I was twelve when she submitted one of those poems to a local newspaper without me knowing. After they published it, she sent me a copy and I thought I was famous! Not surprisingly, many years later I have found a modern notebook for my writing. Instead of poems it contains my thoughts, ideas, inspirations, and experiences, which I consider to be seeds revealed mainly through my yoga practice. As I deepen my own inquiry, I am scattering them here. Take them and plant them in your own gardens. Watch them grow and be inspired in your own exploration of life.